Capturing Reality in 3D

Project: full-CG in-house project called “Seed,” a hyper-detailed trip deep into photoscanning territory.

Client: Aixsponza//Maxon

Agency: Aixsponza

Task: Photogrammetry People, 3D-FullBodyScans and 3D-CloseUpScans of heads and hands

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Capturing Reality for AR

Project: interactive presentation at FashionFair ISPO with augmented reality

Client: Willy Bogner


Task: Photogrammetry People

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Capturing Reality for VR

Project: ground-braking virtual reality experience “LeMans” for Audi

Client: Audi

Agency: Ignyte aka Hologate

Task: Photogrammetry People, 3D-FullBodyScans of driver & mechanics and 3D-CloseUpScans of gloves, shoes and helmet

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Capturing Reality for TV

Project: cosmote TV branding

Client: Cosmote TV

Agency: Ignyte aka Hologate

Task: Photogrammetry People

Capturing Reality for launch party

Project: Infineon Product Launch

Client: Infineon

Agency: Peter Clausen Film&TV

Task: Photogrammetry People

Capturing Reality for Cultural Heritage

Project: 3D-Scan // Proof of Concept

Client: FAU Antikensammlung Erlangen

Reference Person: Prof. Dr. Martin Boss

Task: Photogrammetry, Retopology, PBR-Materials, interactive online 3D-Inspection


Capturing Reality for ART

Project: 3D-Scan Exterior – The Cloak in Salzburg // Proof of Concept

Client: own project

Artist: Anna Chromy

Task: Photogrammetry Exterior, prepared for interactive online 3D-Inspection

Capturing Reality for Digital Twins

Project: 3D-Scan // Virtual Twins and 3D-Prints

Client: divers B2B, B2C

Reference Person: divers

Task: Photogrammetry, Retopology, PBR-Materials for interactive online 3D-Inspection, or preparation for 3D-Printing in various Materials

Digital Instruction Manual in 3D

Project: MegaLine Connect45 // B2C

Client: LEONI

Task: 3D-Modeling, 3D-Animation, Shading, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering

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